Guide to the Armmen Universe

Armmen Time line

2245 – Mankind’s first starship reaches Barnard’s Star, Local officials of Trans Galactic Federation rescues the Crew who ship rammed into a Verlane pleasure Liner. Angry Verlanese push for the induction of mankind into Galactic Community in order to claim for damages.

2300 – Human are still consider a backward race, and become leading consumers of discarded obsolete tech. Mothers and Brood keeper tell youngling, “eat your Grosled larva’s, there are starving human on earth!!!” or “don’t throw that Tekled away, sale it to humans on G Bay”

2500 – Humans prove their meddle in the first arm conflict between the TGF and the Acleta Empire, apparently tactics form the human Asteroids war of 2210 confuses The Acletian Admiral who knowledge of Standard TGF naval tactics apparently did not cover Mankind pre -star flight combat.

2511 – Second Galactic War starts with the invasion of Sol solar System by the Acletian Grand Fleet, Sol asteroid field is vaporize after human starships hidden in the belt take out the Grand Fleet’s Flag ship. Invasion of Mars and Earth by the Imperial Acletian Guard result in a massive aduction of 80% of male Population when it discover by the matriarchal Acletians that human and Acletians are 99.9% genetically identical. This fact will mystify Galactic biologists for next couple centuries as both Races exist on opposite sides of Galaxy.

2560 – Dark time for the Galaxy as the second Galactic war has led to the genocide of over 100 sentient species and 300 planets depopulated. Entire solar systems are threaten when the TGF unleashes a Viral Strangelet Bomb in the Xlede System to counter the Acletian attempt to break the TGF defensive line. All the planetary bodies in the system are reduce to Balls of Quark matter and escaping starships carry seedlets of strange matter to near by systems.

The Transcended Races that have retire to Ergosphere of the Milkyways Galactic Black hole come out of self imposed exile and force a Treaty between the two warring factions.

2600 – The Galactic Peace corp is created by the Transcended to monitor and maintain the peace. Armlets are supplied to the peace keepers by the Transcended to Id the Corp member, which will later be called Armmen. Armmen are also given the responsibilities to enforce the Covenant. The Rules Transcended passed on to Galactic members from the Precursors, the first race in the Galaxy.

3501 – the Galactic Golden Age, Armmem roam the Galaxy helping local officials to enforce the Conventant and maintain Galactic peace, while the last 400 have been mark by incidents such as the Killbots uprisings and other outbreak of chaotic behavior, peace reign supreme..

Introduction of Galactic wide Matter Fax, have created a Galaxy wide culture. Nanotechnology has created a universe of plenty.

Medical technology has basically made all being immortal, aging and disease is a thing of the past and Matter Faxes insure that anyone that does die can be recreate from log files of their last transmission…

Major Races –

The following races trend to be the most numerous of Non Transcended Sentient, colonize tens of thousands of worlds and having populations ranging in the Trillions. While Galactic Census shown over 3610 star traveling sentient species and additional 38,000 races that have yet to invent star Travel.


This Matriarchal race of humanoids is genetically similar to the minor member race of the TGF called Humans. Acletian males are kept in harems while the females run the society. Fierce warriors and brilliant scientists, they emerge from the Nora Arm armed with vast numbers and superior technology, conquering and incorporating into their empires hundred of client species until they ran in to Plasmoids’ inhabited sector of the Galaxy.

The Plasmoid Acletian War ended in a draw as Plasmoid numbers and adaptive abilities made them a match for the Acletian superiors technology.


Being one of the most adaptive races in the Galaxies, these amoebas like creature are form of collection of single cell organisms that creates a being with a hive like intelligent. They can be found in thousand of worlds, living in conditions as diverse as airless moons to Jupiter like Gas Giants.

Plasmoids practice both sexual and asexual reproduction. Their diet is wide ranging, and can even process mirror proteins.

The Acletian and the Plasmoid are mortal enemies and it was the Plasmoid winning Control of the TGF Central Consult that led to the two wars between the TGF and the Acletian Empire.


A Race of being compose of Neutrino Condensate, they are numerous but generally have no contact with other sentients races except the Geon ( see entry) and the Transcended.


Beings consisting of pure light held together by their gravitational attractions, while not as numerous as either the Acletians or Plasmoid, they are well known in their roles as intermediates between the Transcendents and Non-transcended Sentients.

Most Geons where born, shortly after the Big Bang and immortal, apparently they have turn down the chance to reach Transcended status.


Another Matriarchal race of humanoids, all adult Verlanese are female while young Verlanese are male and appear similar to snakes. Verlanesese are the patrons of Human race and long term relationship between human and Verlanese are common, even with the issues of sexual mechanics and no viable offspring from these unions are taken in account.

Acletians tend to view Verlanese as abominations after learning of the Verlanese unique means of reproduction, a view sometime share by uneducated humans. Courses are generally given in Human Verlanese relations at all Earth primary school due to nature of the Human Verlanese cooperate in the Galaxy.


A race of insects who colonies form a hive like intelligent, A typical Xetidoc colony will have billions of members and a queen and is mobile, with the common Xetidoc worker carrying and sheltering the Queen with their bodies. A colony will behave like a single organism and show greater than human intelligents.

Plasmoids use to consider Xetidocs as a main food source, which lead the Xetidocs to ally themselves with the Acletians. Under the Current Galactic Federation laws, the Xetidoc population has exploded, causing many races to wonder if the ban on Plasmoids consumptions of Xetidocs should be reconsider by the Transcended.


The range of technology available to the citizens of the Galactic Federation is vast, so we will restrict ourselves to consideration of the most common and important technologies.


Automated Medical unit that can treat most average illness and injuries. Autodocs are design to be used on all major sentient species of the Galactic Federation. Autodocs can not regenerate limbs but It can keep a mortally injured being alive for week until they can be transferred to a matter fax to be reconstructed.

Organ Printer

A medical device that can print a new organ or limb from a tissue sample of the subject. In combination with an Autodoc almost any injury or illness can be cured.

Matter Fax

This devices scan all the particle spin states and analysis chemical make up of an object before reducing it to a State of Bosen Einstein condensate. Which is then transmitted to a distant location via a micro worm hole where it is restore to it original state in the receiving Matter Fax unit.

It is possible to alter the recording of an object being Fax to correct medical or physical problem. Restoring a lost limb or even being back to life a subject. This is an expensive process as such changes involved the uses of multiple Quantum Computers to read the patterns and determine how the pattern can be alter.

Programmable matter

Through the use of Quantum Wells and dots, Semiconductor like coatings allows the user to change the chemical properties of material on demands. Walls of Programmable matter can become transparent, become as strong as diamond or even highly reflective to lasers and electromagnetic radiation.

Species comparability’s dots

Frequency available at social networking Locations, these Dots contain an array of MEMs and Nanocomputers indicate the comparability of two organisms to engage in mating rituals.

Upon contact, the Dots analysis and scan thru a wide database, the physiological comparability of the individuals and give a color coded status of mating possibilities.

Blue – indicate that intercourse is possible with little known issue

Green – Intercourse is possible with some compatibility issue (i.e. Human – Verlanese unions)

Red – possible, action fatal to one of the members of the union

Black – not possible, attempt will result in injury or death to both.

Space /Star travel

Most inhabited Star systems have wide traffic of space craft. Most of these craft tend to be in system vehicles using a vast array of propulsions methods. Few space craft are equipped with Warp drives that use negative energy to create warp bubbles that allow for FTL travel.

Most star travel is via a series of Star gates, Stable worm holes that allow travel between star faring sentient star systems.

Exception to this is, are full fledged Starships that generally are used by Police and military forces of Galactic Federation, explorer crafts and scientific research vessels.
The Power demands of Warp driven ships make Star Gates an economical sound method for large scale star travel.

Matter faxes generally uses star gates in order to fax individual to other solar systems and have create an network that allow travel to any of the member worlds of the Federation.